Delicious! We’re making our own corn in a cup! with chocolate sauce mmmm…



See? I can’t fall! We’re learning how to balance ourselves… my balance is extraordinary.



Fill… fill… fill the water in the bottle…..



Playing sand at school is fun! We always make sure to wash our hands afterwards.



Our doctor taught us how to wash our hands properly. No more germs!



Hooray! It’s playing time. I’m sliding down the slide yoohooo! Come slide with us!



Look at us! We were wearing Makassar traditional costumes.



UN Day event—time to showcase our diverse cultures.



This was us performing the Balinese dance! Look at us, we could dance!



Delicious! We’re making our own corn in a cup! with chocolate sauce mmmm…



Yay…Ice cream party at school…We looked like chefs.



Wow! That’ a huge turtle—Pet’s Day.



We were very enthusiastic to water the plants with our teachers.



We listened to the birds chirping—Pet’s Day.



We were learning how to make Sakura Flower for Chinese New Year Decoration.



We can play the angklung well in only two weeks of practice!



Time to learn about our little plants.



Thank you Miss… I can make my own bracelet and ring at school.



Pre-school family would like to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year……



One…two…three…splash and style….We really love swimming and we always wait for it.



Mommy… Daddy… now we know how to make pretty itty-bitty bracelets.



Merry Christmas everyone…this was us performing for the Solidarity Day event.



Look! We were wearing red family tees—Solidarity Day.



Improving our motors and learning about life skills— we learn how to fold and tidy our own clothes.



Hurray…. It’s drawing time. We love it…



Grow well… little plant.



Pet’s Day at BIM School.



Having fun during our field trip at the restaurant.