Archery time at Avros Outbound—Caribbean and Tasman Primary 6.



The BMKG office was so cool!—Caribbean and Tasman Primary 6.



Riding the airport train on the way to Kualanamu Airport.



Congratulations on your graduation and receiving the Best Student Award!—Class of 2016/2017.



Lomba Makan Kerupuk—one of our competitions during the Independence Day event.



Visit to Medan Zoo—Primary 4 Students.



Appreciating our local history by visiting the beautiful Istana Maimun—Primary 5.



We definitely learn something from our visit to the nursing home.



Giving back to society is something that we learn from BIM School.



BIM Language Week 2017 competition—congratulations to our winners!



Visit to Harapan Jaya Titi Papan Nursing Home—Primary 6.



Hmm… now I know what to do if my car breaks down—field trip to Toyota Auto 2000.



You think we just know how to eat. At BIM we learn how to grow them too.



Yay! Playing outdoors is fun.



Who said only Mums can bargain?



Oh gosh! Look at the gun. It’s scarier than our principal.



Not only Bieber, these rabbits are also so cute.



Buy 1 get 1. Come on, Aunty! ^^—Solidarity Day.